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Tracie Lawlor Memorial Cup Swim

Sat, 22nd August 2015

Saltees Island Swim

Sat, 8th August 2015

Please note that these are provisional dates. They will be confirmed in due course, so please do check back in a little bit!


Other 2015 Swims Elsewhere

Swim Leinster 2015 dates: here

GaddinAbtGarnish Swim, 20/06/2015

      Swim Distance Options: 

  • 3 km (1 lap)
  • 5 km (2 laps), or 
  • 7 km (3 laps, new in 2015!)
Link to 2014 Facebook page: here
Info & Website: here 

Entry Form 2015.pdf Entry Form 2015.pdf
Size : 330.971 Kb
Type : pdf

First Night Training in Ferrybank (Mon, 2nd Feb 2015) 

Saltees Swim Cheque Presentation to RNLI


 2015 is going to be a super exciting year for our club!


Some of our club members are taking part in 3 open-water challenges:

North Channel Relay Swim 
Team: Denise, Enda, James 0'Connor x2 (!), Peter, Sandra with Gary as sub
Time: last week in June 2015 
See "North" for details

English Channel Relay Swim 
Team: Amanda, Colin, Pat, Richie, Sandra, Sheila with Gary as sub
Time: No. 1 in first week of July 2015
See "Channel" for details of our 2014 relay.

Solo English Channel Swim
Swimmer: Maeve
Time: No. 2 in week starting 22nd July

All Club swims in Carne must be accompanied by Rescue Board and Marine Band Radios.  

Signed : The Committee. 

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